Monday, October 09, 2006

Do humans need to eat everyday?

Last week's dinner

A colleague of mine who knows that I sometimes foster cats, is thinking of adopting a cat. A chap in his early 30's, he said he prefers cats to dogs, and that he once had a cat, but the cat ran away from home.

During lunch one day, he mentioned about adopting a cat again, as soon as he is settled after moving house. As he lives in a landed house, keeping a cat should not be a problem. During the course of lunch, I discovered that his new living arrangement would mean straddling between 2 homes, together with his wife. Don't ask me why this is so. I can't even afford one landed home, and this seemingly-average young man has two or more landed homes to straddle about, but I digressed.

Anyway, with his half-time here and half-time there living arrangement, I presumed he would take his yet-to-be-adopted cat with him, and train the cat to live in two homes, and I told him so.

He thought for a short while, then said:
"The cat needs to be fed everyday, hor?"

Me: *Burst out laughing*
"Do you need to eat everyday?" *still laughing*

He: "Can we leave food for the cat for a week?"

Me: *Slaps forehead*

In the end, I told him that he needs to give this cat adoption thing much more thought before he takes any action. If necessary, I would have to give him a true picture of the responsibility involved if he decides to adopt a cat.


cat_aunty said...

Erm, better he doesn't adopt any pets lah....maybe start with a pot plant first.

san said...

Cat_aunty is right. If the plant lives then maybe there is some hope. Maybe that was why the first cat ran away. He may have forgotten that cats need to eat also.

auntie p said...

That's a good suggestion. Hehe!
Although I'm not sure the plant can survive a few days without water. Ahhh...perhaps he can start with a cactus! ;P

Ms X said...

Oh my God! Is he serious? Does he really think cats eat once a week? And not only food, what about TLC? I think he better just get a toy cat.

auntie p said...

I agree, Ms X. Cats not only need basic food and shelter, but human attention as well. They are simply not another collectible.

Thanks for dropping by. :)

Anonymous said...

San, it's likely the cat gave up hope on him. knowing that the chances of finding food outside was greater.

your colleague is in his early 30's did you say, auntie p? got wife some more? what my friend said is correct, the average person grows *old* but never grows *up*.

KXBC said...

His cat ran away from because there was no food at home.

Btw, your tau gua and long bean dish looks really good *stomach rumbling already*.

auntie p said...

Hey, kxbc, welcome back! Hope you had a good trip...hope to read about it on your block.

Er...thanks! That dish was tau gua with garlic sprouts (?). They do look like long beans eh?