Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jon Jon then and now

At about 5.30am this morning, I was awakened by the din coming from the opposite block. At first, I thought it was some school boys having a really wild overnight party. I got up to take a look, and it seemed like someone was getting married at the wee (and probably auspicious) hour - they must be Teochews.

Since we were up, we might as well do something useful, like checking out the community cats!

This is Jon Jon in August 2005:

This is Jon Jon today:

Since she (I think he is a she...?) got her itchy body problem and still refused to let us treat her, she had lost weight and look more scruffy. After the Royal Canine diet didn't quite work, I've resorted to feeding her with Solid Gold, which she seems to like and is eating with some gusto. Let's hope she doesn't lose weight further.


cat_aunty said...

I thought you got the sequence of the picture mixed up! Jonjon does look a bit worn now, poor thing....

cat_aunty said...

Yeah, Teochew wedding starts very early one...that time one of friend married a Teochew and she wanted me to be at her house by 4.30am!!!!!! But thier traditions and customs are interesting.

san said...

Ahhh! Getting married so early? That means must get ready the day before!

I hope Jon jon gets better.