Friday, December 15, 2006


I had an interesting dream last night, or rather this morning, when I stole a snooze after the alarm clock went off.

I dreamt about the community cats that MIL feeds, and they were all gathered at a large compound. More interestingly, there were community dogs as well, together with the cats. Food supply came from a fridge, in which there were cat food, dog food and human food all somewhat mixed together. Among the human food were mei cai (or mui choi in Cantonese) and some stewed mushrooms, which the cats also ate!

Then came the most interesting part. There was a swimming pool nearby and many people swimming and playing about, with a carnival-like atmosphere. Everybody was playing or swimming, including the dogs, who were swimming alongside the humans, or with humans clinging onto them in the pool in a playful manner.

All in all, cats, dogs and human beings were living, playing and co-surviving together in a happy community.

~ The End ~

Happy weekend, everyone!

ps: Does anybody know how to cook a meatless version of the Hakka mui choi (preserved mustard) dish? I would like to have the receipe. :)

C'mon in...the water's fine, even if you're a cat ...or a dog!

Uhh...ok, if you say so.

I'm so tired after that swim...ZZzzzz...


Anonymous said...

YIKES!!!! Cat in swimming costume!!


Anonymous said...

Go to for dream interpretation


vegancat said...

Dr Tony Page, a well known personality amongst people who are interested in the welfare of our fellow animals, in an interview in the year 2000,

“Yes. I dream of a world where animals are viewed as sentient and sensitive people, whose right to be free from human-enforced suffering is respected and where our only relations with animals are motivated by the wish to love and help them.”