Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where do community cats hide during the torrential rains?

I've often wandered where the community cats hide themselves during the day. They're so good at the disappearing act that one hardly noticed them until they all come out at night during mealtimes. With the non-stop monsoon rains that's been coming down for the past 2 days, I wonder where they could all be hiding?

Around my place, I've only seen Sugar and Jon Jon who have been provided with a nice box placed in a sheltered, dry area for them to sleep in. That's about as dry as it gets for them, as the void deck was thoroughly drenched with the pouring rain and windy conditions. Other than that, I haven't seen any cats around during the day. Sometimes I don't even see them at night as they must still be hiding from the rain.

I missed seeing Timmy on Monday evening as it was raining non-stop then. Last night (Tue), I finally caught hold of her during a brief respite and she ate the dry food heartily, but later threw up half of what she'd eaten. Just then, it started to rain again and I saw her scurrying away quickly to some place to hide. Unfortunately, I didn't see where she'd ran to as I was busy clearing up her vomit.

Maybe we ought to attach a mini camera to these cats for a day, just to see where they go to hide and what they're up to when they're out of our sight.

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san said...

The cats around my area take shelter in the carpark I suspect as Calico Mom usually has a dirty oil stain on her neck. FB just stays in the void deck between 2 bicycles :) If we can attach cameras we can see the secret lives of our community cats :) THAt would be interesting :)