Friday, December 08, 2006

You're ok, I'm ok!

Dear Catdonna, Cat aunty, KXBC, Mary and San (all women! ;-) ),

Your comforting words, kind thoughts and belated birthday wishes are much appreciated...thank you! :-)

Well, despite all that's happened, there were some cheerful moments worth remembering. A few colleagues came back from their overseas business trips, and their thoughfulness means that I became one of the lucky beneficiaries of their generosity. *grin*

These are a few cutesy gifts that I've received from them:

Korean Couple Dolls

Bronze Cat bookmark and Leonardo da Vinci notepad

This one really put a big smile on my face - a scented paper weight that smells like soap...from the boss (luckily he remembered...or else... Haha!)

Have a good weekend, everyone!


cat_aunty said...

The cat looks cheeky

KXBC said...

I am Mr KXBC... hahaha

CatDonna & Cats said...

You have a good weekend too!

Me, I'm still up very early on a Sunday morning and it doesn't look like I'll be sleeping any time soon. Part insomnia, part rushing a deadline.

Yet I still feel so happy. It's the festive mood I think.

auntie p said...

Oops, my sincere apologies, Mr KXBC...kekeke...

How's Chang Chang skin condition?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. :)