Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am happy today, because I had very good quality sleep last night. I slept so soundly that I didn't even wake up to go to the toilet. I wonder if it was the sushi supper that did it for me (rice makes me sleepy), or my body had finally succumbed.

While sound sleep may come naturally to most people, it is not always the case for me, since:
- I'm a light sleeper
- Uncle S snores (if I had known it was gonna get this bad, I might not have married him... Hur hur hur! )
- the cat sisters are nocturnal and most active from 12 midnight to 5am, and Coco likes to snuggle in our bed sometime during the night.

The past one week plus was bad for me. I was awakened so many times during the night and it took me some time to get back to sleep. My eyes got so dry that it's a wonder that I can still wear my contact lenses.

Coco & Snowy
Anyhow, things are improving. Once they have satiated their initial curiousity, both cats are less prone to anyhow jump onto kitchen tops and knocking things off. They have become more confident, although they still run to hide when they hear loud noises coming from the corridor or staircase.

Like most kittens and young cats, they do play a lot with each other. I guess them having each other as playmates is a big plus for busy folks like us, since they can entertain themselves and don't need as much attention from us.

Occasionally, the cat sisters do display some interesting / quirky behaviour, such as:
- licking the wastepaper bin with her tongue and creating a soft scraping noise (Snowy)
- biting off and chewing the ends of a plastic bag (Snowy did it once...perhaps she had "itchy mouth" ?)
- shredding and chewing newspapers that's lying underneath the litter bin (both)
- chasing flying insects (both) and eating them (Coco... *Gulp*)
- walking in and out of the litter bin just for fun, even when not peeing or pooing (Coco)
- check litter bin and rebury the litter sand into a pile, even when there's no waste inside (Coco the toilet inspector)

And Coco loves to sleep in the cat bed, while a soft rug or towel (folded thickly) will do fine for Snowy.



Mary said...

One of my cat would do (1)+(2)when he wants to get rid of furball from his system; my youngest kitten would do (3) and play with the shredded paper; and all will do (4) - chasing, catching but not eating.

auntie p said...

Dear Mary, thanks for the tip. Maybe Snowy was trying to get rid of furballs too.

May I ask how many cats do you have (including Cai Lee)? :)

KXBC said...

My XX has a plastic bag fetish too. She likes to bite crisp clear plastic bags, preferably those magazine wrappers.

BB has a shopping bad fetish. She will explore every single bag of shopping you bring home.

Cats are entertaining pets. :)

ck said...

All the peculiarities that you have described sounds very familiar to my 5 cats. Let's see:

(1) Peachy likes to bite off the edges of plastics bags. It's almost like she using the bags to floss her teeth!
(2) Sparky likes to lick the straps of bags, but not plastic bags. And he makes scraping noise with his licks as well.
(3) All five like to torture lizards and cockroaches. Whenever we find dead cockroaches on the flow, invariably there will be no legs attached to the carcass.
(4) Sparky, Snowy and Miki like to do catwalks on top of the balcony wall, even though we're 3 stories up.

Mary said...

Dear aunty p, can you provide your email address.

auntie p said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
auntie p said...

kxbc: My MIL's calico also loves plastic bags! She likes to rest/sleep in them big red ones.

My email deleted for security reason.

auntie p said...

ck: some cats are smart enough to know about the danger of heights. Your cats are smart.

ck said...

auntie p - i wouldn't be too sure about my cats being smart. Both Peachy and Sparky fell off the balcony before and thankfully both lived to tell the tale although now they both have only 8 lives left! Peachy came back with a broken front left leg which needs metal pins to be attached to her bones to set it back. And all Sparky got as a result of his fall were bruised paws!