Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy weekend!

I'm glad the weekend is around the corner. There's lots to do and tons of laundry to wash, since the last was a wet weekend. Perhaps I can even catch up on sleep to make up for the disturbed sleep of the past few nights.

Last night, things got slightly better, i.e. the nocturnal creatures weren't as boisterous, although Coco did knocked a plastic bottle down from the top of the kitchen cabinet and created a din. Sorry to have disturbed the neighbours one floor down. However, it was Snowy's turn to become the kaypoh explorer, and she was jumping up and down the chest of drawers in our bedroom, until I carried her down. Coco came into our bedroom and called, then climbed onto our bed. She sat beside me for a long while, then walked over my legs, crossed over to uncle S, and finally decided to rest on his blanket and lay her head on his ankle. I had to get up to carry her away.

I weighed the cat sisters on the digital scale this morning and found that Coco has put on 200g. :)


Anonymous said...

heheh. looks like the cats are getting nice and comfy with u!

one sugestion tho, if u are not open to letting the kitties sleep on yr bed, u may want to make yr bedroom out of bounds at night. cos cats, being the heat-seeking missiles they are, are likely to decide that the warm comfortable bed shld not be for humans only! my kitties share my bed some time in the night, if not ALL night, esp during the rainy season.


san said...

:) They are telling you they like living with ya :)

Both Toro and Bujang sleeps on my bed but each has their own distinct areas at the foot of the bed. Toro on his blanket and Bujang in his snugs. They don't sleep breside or on me at all. Its not so hot that way lah.

auntie p said...

If we close the door to our bedroom, it's going to get stuffy, as the wind is coming from the front (as SL would know). And the cats will meow at night looking for us. Actually, the cats already have a bed to themselves in the cat room, plus the cat bed and rugs for their use, so they should be warm enough leh.

I don't mind the cats sharing our bed, as long as they don't make too much noise. Last night, Coco was up to her tricks again and woke us up by trying to jump up to the window grille and making so much noise. Sigh...