Thursday, January 18, 2007

Paw prints in my bathroom sink

I was going to the master bedroom's bathroom to brush my teeth this morning, when I saw dirt around the sink. I thought perhaps I had inadvertently dirtied the sink, until I saw 2 tiny paw prints in the sink. Ahaa! It must be Coco doing her artwork while we were asleep!

Since both cats would occasionally whine when we lock them up in the cat room when we're asleep, I thought they might stop if we let them out. Well, there was indeed less crying from the pair of sisters, but we had not bargained for some clicking and clanging from Coco's nocturnal antics! I have no idea how she had created the sound of wood knocking, but I can surmise that she must have done a thorough inspection of the bathrooms, the kitchen & stove (covered with aluminium sheet) and items in our bedroom. At one point, she jumped into our bed and sat beside me for a while. I hope she will scale down her nightlife once she's had her fill of excitement. :p

Since yesterday, both gals have started eating and drinking more, which is a good sign. They're not quite into wet food, so I've been giving them a mix of Royal Canin and Solid Gold dry food. The slightly underweight Coco can sure do with a bit of fattening up, which I think will give her face a cute round look.

Coco is also quite meticulous in the area of litter bin housekeeping - her own as well as Snowy's! There are 2 litter bins in the cat room, and each cat chose to have her own toilet. If Coco is not satisfied with Snowy's toilet habits, she will go into Snowy's bin to make sure the poo is properly covered. She will also check her own litter bin every now and then, just to make sure everything is hidden to her satisfaction. So cute lah!


KXBC said...

How come you don't have any cats of your own since you like cats? Maybe Coco and Snowy can be permanent members of the household?

auntie p said...

I basically like to rest a lot...or you can call it laziness...hehe. If we have cats of our own, I tend to devote less time and attention to the community cats, and I won't be able to foster any more cats ==> which means I can only help fewer cats. Also, we are kind of on "stand-by" in case we need to take over MIL's home cats.

ps: thanks for your tip. I have pass your msg to Cat & San.