Monday, January 08, 2007

Supplement for cats

I've been adding Nupro health supplement to the cats' dry food. However, most cats would just pick out the cat food and leave behind the supplement. To entice the cats to eat up everything, I've also mixed in the rather strong-smelling Royal Canin dry food to up the appetising factor.

Hope it works to improve the cats' health

I saw this scratch mat at the pet shop which I think Sugar might like, as I've seen him scratching on the neighbour's doormat with much gusto!


KXBC said...

I see you've been doing shopping at Pet Lovers again :)

Please update if the NuPro works. I've been wanting to try out but was put off by the very high price tag and the fact that the 5 of them may not take to it on a daily basis.

auntie p said...

Kekeke...I was at Thomson Plaza on new year's eve, saw those things and decided to use my birthday month discount a 2nd time (dunno can or not, but anyway, just use!). There's lots of Nupro content inside...enough to feed many cats (1 scoop daily). The blue scoop looks over-sized in the photo but it's actually smaller than a teaspoon.

I dunno if it works but lately, Jon Jon's coat is looking much better and the bald spots are filling out. I'm not sure it's due to Nupro or the home-cooked food my neighbour is feeding him, but I understand JJ doesn't like cod liver oil and premium wet food, so there's a chance it could be due to Nupro (hopefully).

Why don't I pass you some over the weekend to try on your cats? No obligation and no need to feel paiseh, ok? :)

san said...

Ah I have seen the NuPro too and decided not to buy it on impulse but as you have good results than maybe its worth a try for Shaolin Megat. I thought I read some time ago that cat-aunty had bought this type of mat but Spencer and the rest didn't take to it very much.

KXBC said...

aunty_p, thanks for the offer but no need lah. Your strays need it more than my 5 monsters. If it works beautifully for them, I might buy a bottle to try. But you are welcome to come over to see my 5 monsters.

Most cats like to scratch vertically so that's why cat trees are more popular. But some cats like my KK, like to scratch horizontally and so mats work for them. Sugar is a horizontal cat too.

Ikea used to sell this floor mat ($2) which works very well as a scratch mat for KK but they are no longer bringing it in. It lasts more than half a year. Value for money.

auntie p said...

kxbc: I scared you buy already your monsters don't want to eat (then you can donate it to the rest of us...heheh...).

Ya, I think Sugar likes horizontal mats, although sometimes he's a copy cat - we would scratch the vertical scratch pole and he will follow suit. I had that Ikea mat at my old home, but it turned into a fungus mat after I kept it in the store room (need to air it outside).