Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bath day

The cat sisters had their bath yesterday, their very first bath at our home.

They were very clean and didn't smell when they first came, so there was no need to bathe them so soon after their traumatic ordeal of being abandoned and having to live with two strangers in a strange home. Two weeks' later, they had their sterilisation, which meant that their wounds had to be kept dry for several weeks, at least, so bathing was out.

Coco: It's better to be a wet cat than a wet dog

Hence, it was timely to give them their bath, and being more familiar with us now, the bath went on smoothly without much fanfare. I wouldn't say the cats enjoyed the bath, but at least there was no defensive scratching, biting or growling behaviour displayed during bathtime. We bathe the frisky Coco first, afterwhich Snowy tried to hide under the bed to avoid having her turn, but being the yeow gwee that she is, she was easily lured out of hiding with the rattling of the kibble container, so there was no escape from bathing.

Snowy: At least nobody ever complained about anyone smelling like a wet cat!


cat_aunty said...

Wah sure smell very nice!!

auntie p said...

Yes, they not only smell nice, but the fur feels smooth too! :)