Monday, March 19, 2007

The brave and the bimbo

Last night, I was awakened at past midnight by some loud noises. I got up to see if the cats were up to any funny tricks again (still got new tricks meh?), but saw Ms Brave cat perched on top of the sofa, looking upwards at the source of the loud noise and talking a lot (also very loudly). Ms Bimbo cat was pretending to be the crouching tiger on the floor next to the coffee table, wondering about the cause of Ms Brave's excitement.

The noise was weird, came on intermittently, and sounded like metal being twisted or contracted/expanded. I wondered what the strange neighbours upstairs were up to. They do have strange antics, like pounding foodstuff with the Asian stone pounder at 7am (forgot what the pounder is called?) , washing the master bedroom's toilet at 6.30am, and doing dancing/catwalk in high heeled shoes at midnight, not to mention their dripping aircon on some nights. The cats' night-time antics seem like chickenfeet in comparison.

After checking that our window grilles were in order, I hugged and patted Ms Brave to assure her that it's ok and there was nothing out there. Yet Ms Brave refused to believe me and our conversation went on like this (yes, it's already past midnight and I was having a rather animated conversation with a cat! *roll eyes* ):

Me: Ok, there's nothing
Ms Brave: Eeoww!
Me: There's nothing.
Ms Brave: Eeow!
Me: Nothing.
Ms Brave: Eeoww!
Me: Nothing lah!
Ms Brave: Eeoww!
Me: Ok, bye bye!
Ms Brave: Eeeooowwww!!

So I went to sleep. This morning, there was a sudden downpour in the early morning, with a bit of thunder.

Ms Bimbo, as usual, cannot cope with all the loud noises and franctically looked for a small, narrow space to hide. She'd even tried to hide herself in the too-narrow space behind the bookshelf in the study room. Got thunder, also scared. No thunder, also scared of the sound of the rain. *Sigh...*

No prizes for guessing who the brave and the bimbo ones are, respectively. :-b


cat_aunty said...

Ms Bimbo=snowy??

auntie p said...

Cat aunty, see the next post for the answer. Heheh!