Friday, March 30, 2007

Cat showing affection


Q1. Why does my cat lick me?
Being a first time cat owner, I have a question: Why does my cat lick me? Is it for salt or whatever taste is on my hands or is a sign of affection or all of the above?

A. Yes, your cat licking you can be "all of the above" but most often it really is a sign of affection. Another way of showing affection is gently biting on your nose or your face. Also, looking at you and slowly blinking her eyes is a way of saying "I love you." You can respond in the same way, if you want. I do it with my cats all the time.

Snowy did the blinking thing at me last night, when she jumped onto the sofa (albeit clumsily) to sit with me. I called her name repeatedly and she responded by blinking several times. I've applied Frontline on her yesterday morning, just before going to work. Everything was fine when we came back, except that a small stretch on her backside is turning almost bald. Snowy must have been over-licking. Will observe and hope the Frontline will do the trick.

I have the flu, so went to sleep in the spare bedroom last night. Instead of sleeping in the master bedroom (which they usually do), both cats came to join me on my super-single bed. looks like I'm not going to get much leg room on the bed anytime soon.


san said...

The only amigo who would blink at me is Bujang :)We have been doing the blinking bit for ages. Ms Akira would lick me and Megat would put his nose to my nose :) Totoro would just come to me so I can scratch his chin :)

I tried to blink at the other kitties but they were all very surprised by the action. I wonder why.

Mary said...

Hi san, they were not surprise lah, they are just being shy because you are telling them you love them. Hi Aunty P, you are so lucky; it shows how much your kitties love you.

cat_aunty said...

Hmmm I don't know, never tried blinking to the community cats before.

Oh auntie P, you have the flu too? Seems to be a vicious one spreading through the cat blogsphere!

auntie p said...

Some kitties just don't do the blinking thing, no matter what.

If indeed blinking means "I love you", then I wonder how come that untouchable-growling-scratchy brat at MIL's can blink at me? That cat loves only herself, and perhaps FIL, and no one else.

Mary: I'm sure my kitties loves me, for I'm the one who doles out their favourite food and cat treats!

Cat aunty: I've been having a bad bout of flu brought on by some virus infection. It's taking me way too many days to recover, or perhaps age is catching up, so we take a longer time to heal?