Monday, March 12, 2007

Goodbye Gal

Gal Gal (pron. Ger Ger) passed away yesterday morning, 11 March 2007, after the vet's attempts to save her failed.

Gal Gal (RIP 2007)

Bye bye Gal Gal, we will miss your sweet & graceful ways, and your unique high-pitched voice. You have been much loved, especially by Auntie A. Your buddy Baby (aka Kiddy) will miss you too.


VeganCatsg said...

Lovely way to close a chapter in the midst of being loved.
The flame is just extinguished on one candle. It is lighting up another :)
Have an exciting journey to the next candle!

cat_aunty said...

I am sorry to hear about Ger-Ger. What happened to her?

auntie p said...

Dear cat aunty, Ger Ger died of infection. Thanks for your concern. :)