Monday, April 23, 2007

Cat mystery

Maybe the cat sisters were trying to tell me something.

All the signs were there.

First, it was the chewed up newspapers. Both cats sometimes do this when we're not at home.

Then it was a chewed up old towel which I'd placed on the floor for the cats to lie on in the spare bedroom.

Snowy has no qualms about chewing on the towel right in front of my eyes. Even if I'd told her to stop, she would freeze and look sheepish, and even allow me to hold her in my lap for a bout of lecturing. Once the lecture is over, she would go back to chewing on the towel again, right in front of me (totally not scared of me). The strange thing was - I could not find the remains of the chewed up towel...not one bit. So where did the bits of chewed up towel go?

When the towel was available, the newspaper chewing stopped. Aha! So now we know who the chief culprit is! I had to remove the towel before anything serious happens. No more towel, so it's back to chewing newpapers, and even my bank statements!

Maybe the cats were trying to tell me that they need more fibre! Or perhaps they just have itchy mouths, so let's give them something nice to chew on, such as healthy grass.

The box says ASAP (as soon as possible) Fresh Vegetable (Tangle Removing Grass) - by Catty Man.

Hahaha...what a weird name!

Good for 2 batches of grass. Plastic container, blocks of soil, seeds and mini plastic spatula provided.

I planted the seeds last Thursday night, and by Saturday night, all I could see was a container of damp soil, but on Sunday morning, the seeds sprouted (overnight)!

And the grass grew taller overnight. This photo was taken this (Monday) morning. No wonder they're called ASAP grass. :)

In about a week or so, the grass would be ready for the cats to munch on. I shall try some on MIL's cats too. :)


KXBC said...

Do they eat it off the pot or you need to pluck and wash it? If it's any good, tell us.

Have you tried fresh wheatgrass on them before?

auntie p said...

I intend to let the cats bite/chew bits of the grass straight from the pot (so to speak), and don't think there's a need to wash since the grass gets a shower twice a day.

I hope the cats are into eating fresh salads. MIL would pluck some grass from the roadside and put them into a pot with water, and her bratty Mimi (who loves salad) would chew off bits of the grass every day.

I haven't tried wheatgrass...has anyone tried?

=^..^= said...

I've never fed any of my cats catgrass before. Can't wait to see how the sisters like it!

~5-Cat Style

EJ. said...

Coco & Snowy will be getting salad buffet!
Snowy makes a good paper shredder.

ck said...

hi auntie p, i tried giving asap to my cats and they all love it! i leave the grass in the pot so that they can chew straight from it. of course it does leave a mess as there will be soil dug up as well. be careful where you leave the pot while the grass is still growing as your 2 cats might go after it before they are fully grown. initially i left mine on top of the fridge and those little brats still managed to get at it, making a mess on top of the fridge!

auntie p said... has spoken! Thanks for the tip, ck. :)

I am aware that the cats might go for the grass before it's fully grown, so I've left it outside our flat along the corridor. Can't wait to see the cats' reaction when I let them have a go at it.

cat_aunty said...

Wow, really ASAP!!!!

KindlyNeighbour let MiaoMiao and Mimi eat fresh wheatgrass from the supermarket. They like it very much. And the catgrass was a success too.

Maybe the sisters are teething? Or maybe it is just Snowy, coz she looked slightly guilty....

auntie p said...

Thanks, cat aunty. It would be good if the cats take to wheatgrass, coz they're easy to get from the supermarket and cheaper (about $2 for a big bunch), but there would be none of the fun of planting grass. ;)

cat_aunty said...

The problem with wheatgrass is they only eat a bit and then it won't be fresh anymore.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i also buy wheatgrass from MTUC for my brood.

speaking of which, i should get soon as i havent gotten for a long time!