Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not a typical day...I hope

I had my housework cut out for me yesterday, and more, even though it was a (blue) Monday - when I usually try to conserve my energy. The extra work came courtesy of Snowy, who had to poo 3 times in one day (morning, afternoon and evening), and Coco, who being her fastidious self, sprayed pee outside the litter box while trying to side-step Snowy's poo.

It was a heavy day at work, with meetings in the morning and afternoon, and I had to rush back to buy some groceries and cook dinner. In the process, I was distracted by the new Spring/Summer collection at the shops and ended up purchasing a blouse, somehow. :P I fed a couple of community cats along the way before going up to the flat.

As I put down my groceries at home, I noticed the batches of poo from both cats in the litter box. Before I could clean up immediately, Coco stepped into the litter box, pee-ed in her half-squat position (to avoid stepping on Snowy's "bombs") and right before my very eyes, sprayed pee over the box and onto the floor!

Grr... I was a tad too late, and would have to mop the kitchen floor later. There was no time to waste, so I wiped up with paper towels and did a quick disinfection. Before I could catch a breather, uncle S was back, so I quickly gave the cats some dry food before preparing dinner. Then Snowy had to poo again...her third time yesterday! The extra wet food and cat treats over the weekend must have contributed to this. Uncle S helped to scoop up the litter while I prepared dinner.

More housework awaited me after dinner - fed the cats wet food, swept and moped the kitchen floor, transferred litter sand from the soiled litter box to a new & bigger box, soaked & scrubed the soiled litter box and finally, watered the plants. It was 9.30pm before I could take a shower and have some R & R.


EJ. said...

Coco smart girl to avoid Snowy's "bombs". Auntie P, they are like toddlers, constanly need to clean after them,lol.

auntie p said...

That's why cat lovers all know that they are their cats' slaves. *grin*

Coco is indeed smart, but dunno why her sister is so blur blur gong gong one? Most likely they have different fathers!

cat_aunty said...

Hope Snowy is feeling better!! Auntie P, if next time too busy, just ta pao hor. Don't tire yourself out

auntie p said...

Thank you, cat aunty. Snowy is well...it's just that she seems to have a high metabolic rate. Under normal circumstances, she can poo 2x a day...the first cat I've come across like that. Hmm...suddenly I remembered something...could this have something to do with her penchant for chewing and eating bits of towels?

Yes, I do tar pao too...can't be cooking everyday after work. It's just not worth the time spent. :)