Monday, May 14, 2007

Snowy gets into the act...

...of "choping" (occupying) uncle S's favourite chair.

Coco: I told you the chair was comfy!

Snowy: Yes, you did, but did you ever get your butt off long enough for me to try the chair?

Meanwhile, the cat grass had been eaten until it's about 2 inches short, and is now dry and scawny - not good for eating. Looks like I shall have to plant the next batch of seeds. At times, Coco would jump on top of the kitchen cabinet where I used to place pot of cat grass, only to find nothing there!?!


EJ. said...

To Snowy and Coco:
'Have both of you tried sitting on the chair together? Just make sure it don't topple.'

cat_aunty said...

Aiyoh so cute....looks like they really love the grass!