Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cat says: Think out of the Box

We humans have certain ways of doing things according to our logic (hopefully) and preferences. However, the cats at home may tell you otherwise and want to do things THEIR way! Some examples are:

#1 : Cats always like to sleep at inappropriate places that the humans disagree with, like on uncle S' computer keyboard.

#2 : This new brush was meant to replace the old one which I'd used to scrub the cat litter box. Coco fell in love with it and only want to be combed with it, so now there is cat hair stucked within the brush. Do I still use it for scrubbing?

#3: The kitchen, being the most dangerous place in the home, should be off limits to cats, but Snowy loves to hang around there (got access to food) and right at spot which blocks my access to the sink.

I should tell her that : 好狗不挡路! Neither does a 好猫!


cat_aunty said...

If Coco likes the brush, let her have it. You can always buy another one. At least she allows you to brush her.

AS for Snowy, you put a cloth on the floor so she go and lie there lah. Unless it was, you saw her lying there and you give her a cloth....? Very confusing.

auntie p said...

I know i can buy another brush...but, but, but, I had wanted the brushes in the bathroom to be white (bec bathroom got too many chapalang colours already). Now I'll have to buy another colour to differentiate it from Coco's brush! :(

As for Snowy, aunty you analyse too much. Haha! The cloth is there for wiping stray drops of water / spilled liquid. Even if there's no cloth, Snowy will still lie about in the kitchen. I think she likes to hang around me, like a dog...whether it's outside the toilet, in the bedroom or in the study.

cat_aunty said...

Oh like that ah....then buy another white brush and write BATHROOM with water proof marker loh

EJ. said...

Snowy still looking bak bak.
She is your bodyguard, Aunty P!

auntie p said...

I thought Snowy can lose some weight since she didn't eat much during the trial adoption, but a day after returning home, all her weight came back, so it was only water loss. Hence, she's still maintaining the bak bak look!

KXBC said...

I use the same kind of brush to clean the litter box too. And I know it's not easy to find a white or light grey one.

auntie p said...

kxbc: I have seen the brush in light grey at a (big) shop at Toa Payoh Lor 8, and even a nice yellow-green coloured one at Japan Home (Bugis Village) recently.

KXBC said...

That's like a bit too far to travel to purchase a $1.50 brush. Bus fare already more than the cost of the brush. :)

I get mine from my neighbourhood store. It's good to change it every few months since it's the only thing touching the litter box.