Monday, September 17, 2007

Irresponsible dumping

By chance, we finally got a chance to speak with the woman who feeds the strays at "the other side of the field". SO and I were talking a slow walk home and passed by this stretch where we'd previously seen some friendly (sterilised) community cats.

Auntie G, as the woman is called, has been caring for the community cats at the blocks which are spread over a rather a wide area. She feeds the cats IAMs dry food and Snappy Tom wet food, and she mentioned that she can't afford to feed them everyday now, as she's been unable to work due to health reasons. Yet, irresponsible people have been dumping new cats in the area as they know there is a cat feeder around. She mentioned that on other days, there are occasional feeders who feed some of the cats with the supermarket variety of dry food. Though she's not fond of those brands of dry/junk food, she thinks it's better than if the cats were not being fed at all. I managed to get her contact number, and will pass her some of my "home stock" of dry food this week.


=^..^= said...

:( Iams conduct the cruellest lab tests on animals to produce their range of pet food.

~The Flyer

auntie p said...

Yeah, I'd read about that. That's why I don't buy Iams...currently using RC.