Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coco's diet

After having lost 300g earlier, Coco's weight has gone up by 200g to 3.2kg since I've added new dry food to her diet. I noticed she seems to eat more dry food if there's a variety, or perhaps the smaller-sized kibbles make her eat more.

Observation on Coco's eating habits:

* RC Indoor, round big kibbles - eats less, lost weight, also produce more poo

* More Super Premium NutraGold (small, 3-pointed star-shaped) mixed with less RC Indoor - eats small quantity (less than if feeding solely RC), less poo, and slowly gaining back the lost weight

* Avoderm - Coco seems to like it mixed with other dry food, but I'm wary of "chicken meal" as one of its major ingredient

I suspect the SP NutraGold is very nutrient-dense that Coco only needs to eat a small quantity, and doesn't poo as much. I've also cut down on her wet food consumption, as I noticed her stools were getting a bit soft (though still firm) since eating SP NutraGold. Now Coco gets about 2-3 teaspoons (about 20g) of wet canned food for dinner. Solid Gold will soon be re-introduced to her diet as I've just bought a big bag of it for the community cats (note: mfg date Aug '07). Overall, the prices of dry cat food seem to have gone up!


EJ. said...

Coco's diet mgt seems very scientific, Auntie P.
Maybe once a while she will supplement with lizard's tail...
remember that midnight snack hunt.

san said...

Ya I noticed that recently too about dry cat food. It seems much more expensive.

cat_aunty said...

Coco, you are one lucky cat gal!

auntie p said...

No to lizard's tail pls!!