Friday, October 26, 2007

Introducing Mousie, community cat

While on the topic of Korat and blue cats, I've always wondered whether Mousie (aka Dusty) the community cat has "blue" blood in her?

Photos of Mousie taken this morning.

Mousie has a gorgeous coat.

And a handsome face too!

(Mousie, Oct 2007)

And yeah, someone else thinks she looks dusty and so the name got stuck! Haha!


cat_aunty said...

Yes, I think she has blue blood in her, not that it helped.....

Why Mousie?

She looks very brave to me!

san said...

Yes, like the Korat - the coat, the round eyes and the small face :) She is very pretty and err..fat also...

auntie p said...

Hi, sorry for the long silence...we just came back from Thailand today.

Mousie is quite brave indeed, and she's capable of chasing Timmy away! I call her mousie coz her coat looks like that of a grey mouse!

I agree she's overweight!

auntie p said...

Oh, by the way, we saw many cats in Thailand, and Siamese cats too, but only 1 Korat cat in the province of Korat.

Cat photos akan datang.