Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm plump meh?

Cat aunty says I'm plump leh, but foster mommy always say I'm too lean. She says I must eat more and put on some weight, so that I can look as chubbily-cute as the tortoiseshell cat downstairs...ya, that one who idolises uncle S as her Singapore idol.

Tortie gal purring happily in the arms of her idol ;
Yuks! So act cute and


That photo of me (diligently exploring the bookshelf) was taken in July, but now I'm lighter...just 3.0 to 3.1 kg, although foster mommy says I've grown longer, which means I've grown longer, but still maintain my svelt figure! How's that?

I'm plump meh??

Anyhow, here's wishing one an all a furry merry X'mas!

Don't over-indulge so that you can maintain as svelt a figure as mine, unlike that water barrel of a tortie (how dare uncle S says she's cuter than me... *Grrr* )! Kekeke!


Your darling


cat_aunty said...

Dear Coco, I retract.

You are the MOST PERFECT kitty in SG!

EJ. said...

Darling Coco, sure you ain't looking for your lizard/cockroach snack through the bookshelf?
You sure looks slim.

Coco darling said...

Cat aunty...i think your comment reeks of a bit of sour aftertaste leh?

EJ aunty, I did catch a small cockroach at 2am a few nights ago, but before I could have it as snack, foster mom woke up and removed it!