Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MIL's cats

Poh Ling aka Mimi, the naturally-cranky daughter of the late Mama.
She's looking very slim in this photo...due to my photo skills *Ahem!*

Every cat-loving visitor to the house would have kena-ed a scratch or two from her, myself included! She belongs to the "untouchable" category.

CM aka Chong Ming, coz she's very the 聪明 (smart) loh.

From a very street-smart stray, she's come a long way to become loving, trusting and tolerant of whatever nonsense I dish out to her (I'm the one who always clean her ears, nose, eyes, etc. ). We can even kiss her forehead without her blinking now. The SO and I adore her.

Remember Jackie, the cat whom I'd fostered and tried but failed to rehome in 2006?
She's the one cat who always sits with her front paws crossed, like a lady.

Jackie is now a PT home cat (at MIL's home) and PT community cat. See her hanging tummy now.

It's been a long time, but I think she always remember her time spent living with us. She's become very fond of being carried and sayang-ed by MIL and us, but she's still very wary of strangers while living outside.

She's a street-smart gal.


While resting on the bed at MIL's home, I was pleasantly surprised that Jackie would still snuggle up to me, the way she used to do previously.




Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

awwwww.......*melt* *melt* *melt*

wat will happen if anyone tries to discipline Mimi?

EJ. said...

Looks like Jackie still remembers the good times at your home, Aunty P.
Does Mimi also bites or bully CM and Jackie?

cat_aunty said...

Hmmmm Jackie, you wanna be a full time cat??

PohLin and ChongMin....I think it is cool to have Chinese names for cats!!!!

KXBC said...

CM is cute.

auntie p said...

FF: Discipline Mimi?
Oh no, we don't want to be maimed! Mimi adores FIL as her idol, so only FIL can be her master. :P

EJ & Cat aunty: Erm, the thing is, the 3 cats were not introduced properly, so can't really get along and are usually separated. Jackie is the most notorious one -she's only a PT resident and always try to overthrow the inhouse residents, esp CM! Tsk, tsk! It think CM give Jackie face only.

CM is super-adorable - she's the first vocal cat who can chat with us, word for word (the 2nd one is Coco). She can open drawers. Kekeke!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

FIL? MIL, u mean? think everybody would love a cat tat follows word for word! my Ah Boy + his chick will only call out when they 1st see me, then when i do the TLCs, they just zip up. LOL