Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've never mention ex-community cat Cougar (renamed Manson) on my blog before, because by the time I started this blog, he had been taken home by a kind, loving couple. The couple knew Cougar was sick (FIV+ plus hepatitis and other disease), still they took him home to care for him till the time comes (they already have several cats at home then). Yesterday, that "time" came and Cougar was put to sleep.

Manson was discovered to have 2 cancers (pancreas & small intestines), which regular blood tests had failed to detect, until a complete ultra scan was done. I was having lunch when Manson's mom called to tell me about what happened at the hospital yesterday. They were there with Manson during his final hours, and his dad was crying too. I really hope I won't ever have to go through what the couple had gone through. The serviette provided at my lunch wasn't absorbent at all, and I had to quickly take out my tissue to hide my tears.

Rest in peace, Manson. You have been much-loved. We will miss you.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

manson is in high fortune with people loving him + by his side in his darkest hours. many cats don't have tis at all, even humans. he's good, dun worry.



auntie p said...

Thanks, fresh fry.

He's called Manson (by dad) because he's the "son of Man". That's how much he's loved. :)