Friday, March 07, 2008

Aftermath of invasion

Even though the "guest cat" (客猫 ?) is long gone and the cage, etc. have been removed and room cleaned up, Coco still refuses to go into the "cat room" willingly. If I put her inside the room, she won't panic but will quickly take her leave.

I have to leave her drinking bowl and scratching post outside, in the hall, where she scratched on it immediately.


At bedtime last night, I took her current favourite cat bed (with teddy, from cat aunty) from the cat room and placed it in the master bedroom. Almost immediately, she jumped into it and laid down to rest.


She wasn't even tempted by my warm blanket in the cat room, and slept with uncle S throughout the night.

( Good for me leh, then I'll have more bed space on the cat room's bed. Haha! )


EJ. said...

Cocomaomao avoiding the Cat Room until like that.

cat_aunty said...

Hmmm I guess it is a blessing in disguise?

Coco is so sensitive to other cat's smell huh

auntie p said...

It's only on the 3rd day (after the guest cat had left) that Coco finally decided to use the cat room as per normal.