Monday, March 10, 2008

Excitement mounting :)

Ho, ho, ho!

The cat walking jackets have arrived, after I pooled the order with MightyMouse.


The red one for Coco; the blue one as a present for Spud (both in standard sizes).


I was a bit concerned that there might not be room to adjust the straps to a smaller circumference to accomodate Coco's tiny waist/body, but I think it should fit.


I look forward to seeing Coco try it on. :P Hopefully, she will take to it and be willing to walk outside, along the corridor. Otherwise, I can use it to train MIL's CM who's been dying to go outside (she was an outside cat, afterall).

As for Spud, he's been going outside to the corridor all the while, which sometimes mean the humans have to go around several floors to search for him. The walking jacket would be helpful to rein him in. ;)


san said...

Congratulations all at the fostercat house and mighty mouse too. You guys will surely love the walking jackets once you get used to them. they are also very handsome. :))

EJ. said...

Lovely jacket! The great outdoor await you, Coco!

ChaosCat said...

Where did you get the jackets from? Love to otder them for the Chaos.

auntie p said...

Hi Chaoscat, we ordered it from here:

chaoscat said...

cool! thanks!