Monday, March 31, 2008

Mimi & Kiddy update

We saw Mimi yesterday, sticking close to Kiddy, who has become Mimi's de facto albeit unwilling playmate!

Photobucket (Kiddy & Mimi, Feb 2008)

Poor Kiddy must have had too much from Mimi already, such that when the SO held him, Kiddy was growling!! Oh my, the sweet, affectionate and manja Kiddy is actually growling in anger!?! What a shock to us!!

Kiddy's body language says it all

We tried to pacify Kiddy and hope he would calm down. The SO put him down and true enough, Mimi went close to him to play, and immediately got a pawful from the exasperated Kiddy *Smack!* :P

We hope Mimi is learning proper lady-like feline behaviour from the very fed-up Kiddy. Heheh!

(Mimi, Mar 2008)Photobucket
Mimi: Just like my Kiddy khor-khor, I too, have got a tipped ear!

Mimi used to play with another humm-humm "no-ear-cat" tabby, i.e. a broad-headed, unneutered male (with receded ears), who had strayed into the territory. I heard he can be dominant towards the other cats at mealtimes, but somehow, he tolerated the nonsense from the naive Mimi. We have seen the way he allowed Mimi to paw his face and body during play, and he remained rather nonchalant throughout. What a gentle cat, despite his garang looks. :-)

Humm-Humm Tabby: Yeah, I'm cool.

Speaking of community cats, we haven't seen BT for more than 2 weeks.
I suspect he might have roamed to other territories. :-(


EJ. said...

Sweet charming Mimi...

KXBC said...

I found that although unneutered tom cats look menacing, big and ugly, most of them are actually very manja and gentle. If you squat down and speak to them very softly, 90% chance they will come and nuzzle you. You will probably hear them meow too. Or at least that is my experience so far with them.

cat_aunty said...

Hope BT is safe and warm.

Agree with KXBC. Most tomcats I know don't bite or claw. But then for some cases, they are friendly with the female cats just so that they can *ahem* mate later