Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hot spell

The weather is too hot for some, including the cat.

Coco has taken to sprawling herself out on the sofa, our bed and on the floor.


I wanna comprain! It's too hot ah!


Nonetheless, must remember to act cute at appropriate times.


Then there are some things that are loving it!


The hot weather is bringing out the best of this old pomergranate plant which hadn't bloomed so much for some time. Usually, it's just the odd couple of flowers or so, which managed to turn into fruit, thanks to the ants and whatever passing insects.

But the neighbour is wondering why her chilli plant (in the background, beside the bike) still "got no flowers, one?"...

The Spuddies have gone on a trip up the neighbouring country; will start cat-sitting for Spud this evening. :)


cat_aunty said...

Wow your pomergranate is red! My neighbour's one is a dark purple....

Coco is very slim. See how trim her waist is.

EJ. said...

Coco is one slim teenager.

auntie p said...

Coco is kind of underweight, only 3kg nia - about the weight of some kittens. She is of average small/medium frame, but is very lean. I would like her to be more chubby, but it seems unlikely to happen now.

Sometimes, I can't even find the feeding guidelines on the dry food package for her. The feeding guidelines for adult cats usually start off with 4kg and above.

xy (zj) said...

wow. coco is really slim. even my stray cat is 4.5kg!