Thursday, July 24, 2008

The outing

I went out one day, you know. I really did, and it wasn't to the v-e-t!

Mommy was going out to pass some... Frontline or backline to the aunty in the next block. Seeing that I had voluntarily gone into the pet carrier, she thought she would take me out to smell the erm... grass outside.

But it wasn't quite a fun thing....especially for mommy. She said it was stressful.

We first went into this small room that moves up and down. I was so terrified that I screamed and screamed non-stop! Mommy asked if I was trying to scream the whole lift shaft down.

Along the way, I screamed some more. Mommy was disappointed and said that I was useless, but I didn't care. All I wanted was to go home!

When we saw a black cat with white socks, mommy put the carrier down and went to call her Timmy, who seemed very disoriented at seeing me and ran away.

After that, mommy put me at a quiet corner and tried to pacify me. We sat and watched a few birds flying past.

Then we left and walked into the small room (again!), where I screamed and screamed non-stop again. Mommy was thankful that we were alone.

I think mommy wasn't happy and didn't give me too many sayangs after that. *sheepish*


EJ. said...

Aiyoh, CocoMaomao can go for the 'SCREAMS' audition.
Definitely not an outdoor cat.
Also good, no one can kidnap you easily, Coco.

KXBC said...

You can come live with me if mommy doesn't want you. You can scream the house down with XX, CC and YY.

auntie p said...

EJ: Coco sure can scream alright! When we first found Coco and Snowy (in the presence of Sugar), both were squeezed into a tight corner with Coco stepping on top of Snowy and screaming her head off. Snowy just kept quiet.

kxbc: You're welcome to adopt Coco when you're ready. Although both the SO and I are fond of her (she's very cute in many ways), we will let Coco go to a good home, so that I can open my home to other stray cats. ;)

KXBC said...

You don't like me. Boohoohoo!!!!

From Coco


cat_aunty said...

Aiiyoh poor scared scared huh?

Is ok, then you just be an indoor cat lah...safer for you.

Some cats are more vocal. BTW how is Snowy????

auntie p said...

kxbc: to have less attachment is a good philosophy to follow. :)

Cat aunty: I don't know. After a certain period, I don't keep in touch with adopters about rehomed cats. It's the same philosophy - less attachment, everything is impermanent, including 缘份. :)