Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update: Jackie, et al

She has done it! After trying for two years of worming her way into the house, she has finally become the home's PR, and it's now full-time, for good!

At first, she kept coming up the stairs and meow outside the house, until she is let inside to eat, rest and sleep for a few hours a day. Midway, she was fostered at our home, but there was no success in finding a permanent home for her, so she returned to her community, but continued to visit MIL home, very persistently meowing outside, which is a very bad idea coz there are cat-haters around there.

So, her "few hours a day" inside the home turned into "during the daytime". What finally enabled Jackie to gain her full-day PR status was firstly, the passing of Mama, and secondly, PL the brat (Mama's daughter) and CM have both finally come to a truce and have stopped tearing each other's hair off when they meet, so now both cats no longer have to be separated.

So Jackie is now a full-time house cat, but she has to be separated from the other two coz she is the aggressor and still trying win the Queen's throne. *Sigh...*


Here's the brat PL (above) and CM (below).


PL the untouchable brat had never been an outside cat, except for once when she'd dashed outside and got lost for a day or two, totally terrified and being gong gong without any survival skills, was finally found trying to hide (in an impossible way) ... safe, hungry and probably traumatised.


CM, our dear favourite CM... is the smart cat that came from outside and loves to go outside, but was not allowed to do so because she had been the victim of strangulation by some human sicko who strangled her with her plastic flea collar. She was found choking, suffocated and had almost died if it wasn't for MIL's instincts.

That murder episode left a mark of "tightly compressed hair" around CM's neck which took several days before the hair puffed up back to normal, which showed how tightly that human sicko had strangled her.

She's so smart that she's known to open drawers to sleep in, and she'd once recognised the old lady who fed her when she was a kitten when the lady visited MIL at home. :)


cat_aunty said...

Congratulation to Jackie!!!!!! Well done! But now she must do the pledge lah.

CM looks like the clever type, I think most calicos are clever. PL looks like the gong gong innocent type. Thank God both are safe after their traumatic experiences!!!!

What CM and PL means??? They have Chinese names?

auntie p said...

PL = Po Ling
CM = Chong Ming (meaning intelligent)

Ha ha!

cat_aunty said...

Ahhhh..of apt.

I thought PL=piao liang lah.

But CM is really appropriate.

EJ. said...

Chong Ming saved in the nick of time by MIL.Can't imagine why such evil action by the cat-hater.

Congrats to Jackie!