Saturday, August 30, 2008

Special package

All packed...


Ready to be DHL-ed to the house of kxbcy. ;P


Then perhaps Sugar can visit our home again. The poor boy has started to follow me all the way to the lift door lately. I think he misses the visits to our home...


EJ. said...

Catzza delivery, with cattyman's toppings!

Poor Sugar.Maybe keep HRH in the room for a while and let Sugar in for a short visit.

KXBC said...

Send her over and you'll get CC in return. Heeheehee...

CC needs to be fed at least 3 times a day with wet food and he demands different flavours every meal else he will rather not eat. If he so fancies, he may eat a little dry food in the morning. Also, he may do a little sprint around the house and you will have to follow him around, coaxing him to eat a little morsel of food perhaps.

He loves to play at night sprinting around the house. He also loves our blanket and if you desire, we can send it across with him too. If he gets too excited with the blanket, he will drool and wipe his face all over it.

Oh! And he likes to lie on your chest when he feels like it, especially after you had just had your dinner or when you are about to turn in for the night. Sometimes he will let you smell his smelly paw when he feels like it.

So you still want?

auntie p said...

I never said I'll take CC leh. ;)

I'm willing to give Coco to a good home, so that I can pay more attention to the community cats, especially those on their last leg of their journey...hopefully, to lessen their pain.