Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shiny the Ah Mah

I was late in feeding Shiny this morning, and when I was almost near her usual hangout, I saw her trotting into the old man's flat. Outside the gate, I heard the old man telling her to "come, come" but I could see neither man nor cat.

After a while, the old man reappeared and I told him that I've come to feed the "black cat". He let me into his home, where I walked all the way inside, and saw Shiny slurping milk from a plastic cup in the bathroom, right down to the last drop! *jaw-dropped* Haha! This gal knows how to worm herself into people's hearts and homes, though I'm not surprised, coz Shiny is a likeable cat.

The old man said Shiny refused the food they once gave, so they don't feed her. He said Shiny is 14 years old. Waaa.... she's a grandma already!

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Chinky said...

It's good to keep such anecdotes to dispel HBD's believe that "most" peole do not like cats.