Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet old dame

The more we get to know each other, the more endearing I find Shiny to be. Although she's totally black, scrawny and ill-looking, the grand old dame more than makes up for it with her charming purrsonality. All the while, she is friendly and would call out to any passerby who cares to give her eye contact. The SO and I often joke that Shiny is machiam like calling out "uncle" and "aunty" to anyone who passes by her!

Last Sunday morning after eating, she was resting in her wooden box while I squatted about taking her photo. As I called out her name to catch her eyes, she suddenly jumped out of her comfy box to come and give me an affectionate rub. :)


After feeding her last night, she sat on the cement ledge, staring at me while I walked away. I walked back towards her, pointed towards her box and told her to "go back to your perch", which she promptly did, followed by happy scratching! This old gal is very perceptive. Heh!

She also likes to have us near her while she's eating and kept coming to me to rub my ankles every now and then while taking bites of her food.

This evening, instead of coming towards us, she calmly remained on her usual perch as we approached, obviously not hungry. Someone had left food on her seat, which wasn't a good idea as it might attract the ants afterwards. I wonder what brand of dry food these are? They look like S/D except that they seems bigger than the S/D kibbles.

Whoever it was has also put a collar with a tag on Shiny. The tag had 2 letter initials and a neighbouring block number (which isn't the block where L or C lives).

Seeing the new collar on Shiny, I kind of feel gratified that there are others who cared enough to look out for likeable Shiny, which makes her a lucky cat. :)

Update on Thurs, 25 Sept '08:
Shiny's eyes look sooo much better, finally! A tad of the 3rd eyelids still show, but her eyes are clear, while the swelling in her right eye has subsided more. She was hungry for breakfast, ate quite a bit - 1-1/2 tbsp of softened RC dry food, followed by 1/4
Fussiecat, which she didn't finish. There was a bit of vomit on her wooden bench, which was cleaned with wet tissue.


Chinky said...

It is time for the TC and HDB to give recognition to people who like cats and do something about it, rather than the average "open mouth to complain only" residents.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Shiny is very sleek and pretty and obviously very loving. We are glad you are watching out for her.

auntie p said...

I do think those cat-haters whose complaints were somehow linked to community cats are in the very small minority. Even if the folks who like cats are small, I think (from my experience) many residents are neutral to cats (i.e. neither particularly like or dislike) and don't mind the cats' presence at all. I would think that most among them would let the cats be where they are, because they also believe in being kind to animals, especially those as harmless as the community cats.

I have met sympathetic TC officers, but the HDB is just following the book, and the bureaucrats have no guts to make a positive change.

EJ. said...

Glad to see that Shiny is so well loved and taken care of.
And she is such a joy to be around with.