Thursday, October 02, 2008

More cats for adoption

Jen Jen or JJ (click)

Goldee 1 (click)

Goldee 2 (click)

I thought this cat (below) is pretty, so took my camera out (again) to take a photo, and only realised much later that she might be Yoga.

Could this be Yoga?

This cat (Kelly-Sar) understands mommy's command in Cantonese to go sit on her lap!

This guy (Pai-Kuat-Chai aka 排骨仔) was sleeping in that manner until he got wakened up by the papparazzi. :)


Chinky said...

YoGa is cattery 3

Calico is Kelly-Sar who follows Phyllis everywhere, even the loo.

The ginger is Pai-Kuat-Chai.

EJ. said...

Pai-Juat-Chai!?What an unique name!

ck said...

If I'm not wrong it means skinny-boy. Direct translation from Cantonese is "spare ribs boy".

Pai-Kuat (Cantonese) = Bak-Kut (Hokkien).

But he certainly doesn't look that skinny in the photo!

auntie p said...

CK is right about his name, and everyone who first heard of his name says he doesn't resemble his namesake!

I think he was annoyed that I woke him up from his beauty nap. :P

Chinky said...

Pai Kuat was rescued by a guy and I think he was in bad shape then, hence his name.