Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The escapist

Sometimes, I like to play this game with mommy. Like when she comes to me, I will purposely escape from her grasp, just to annoy her. I would escape to under the bed, under the sofa, or sit out on the window sill and refuse to come out.

I especially like to meow loudly for her, and when she comes, escape from her, so that she can't catch me! Heheheh!

I also like to show off my agility on the windows...

Neh-nehny-pooh-pooh! You cannot catch me!

But best of all, I like to sit there to suntan a bit until it gets too hot, then I would lie flat on the marble floor to take yet another cool nap!

Hee hee!


cat_aunty said...

Be careful CocoMaomao!!!

EJ. said...

Coco's proving she's really slim enough for this antic!

Chinky said...

Mei-Mei used to lie between the grills and window but now BMI too high to do that anymore.

bubblegum casting said...

very cool cat!