Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is it responsible for a national body to promote irresponsible behaviour?

Directly or indirectly?

Again, I'm filled with that sense of "Not that I want to say ah..."

In Chinese: 不是我要讲啊。。。

In Hokkien: Mmm si wo ai kong ah...

*Triple roll eyes*

Just don't send me to the gallows.

After all, when I was small and cute, YOU picked me to be part of your family.


Anonymous said...

I think any "dogma" that prevents discussion and then to allow the use of our own human wisdom to decide what is right or wrong, retards the progression of our human evolution to greater heights.
I think "divine" laws that prevent questioning by brainwashed believers with imagery of hellish punishment or guilt or even threat of being killed, are put in there by human to keep its membership from dwindling.
Monolithic religions have caused so much sufferings with each clinging to its belief that it is the right one and whatever it dictates is holier than others.
Will we ever see the light?

EJ. said...

Some people must have mistaken SPCA as Singapore Pet Care Association instead of Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.