Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sweet Jackie, et all

Remember Jackie, the community cat that went back to live at her old community? I haven't got new photos of her, because I don't usually have my camera with me when I pop over to MIL's for dinner.

Well, Jackie still visits MIL at her doorstep occasionally. As the dreaded pest control vans have been coming by regularly, MIL has been keeping Jackie at home sometimes. Jackie is either kept in the cage, or let out to roam after the house cats were locked up in the bedrooms. So she's kind of become MIL's part-time cat.

On my way to MIL's home for dinner yesterday, it poured cats and dogs. The rain was so heavy that parts of the void deck (i.e. empty space on the ground floor) was wet. I saw Jackie huddled in a corner among some bicycles, trying to keep dry. As usual, she meowed loudly upon seeing me, and I took her upstairs to keep dry until the rain stopped.

At MIL's home, I was told that Jackie had actually spent the earlier part of day indoors, eating lots of stinky goodness and acting manja - wanting to be carried. Jackie seemed very comfortable, and even knew where to do her peeing.

I find her amusing at times, being shy to some people, and yet so manja to others. However, she's always sweet to me, and would tolerate whenever I carry her in my arms, or chew my finger very, very gently.

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Two new cats have appeared around my neighbourhood - two grey tabbies, both male.

One is an unsterilised, skinny and feral-looking cat with a short stumpy tail. He seemed to be friendly towards Kiddy (aka Baby, the existing community cat) and vice versa.

The other cat, what can I say - is definitely a home-bred cat. He's a long-tailed tabby, of normal weight, sterilised and with a sweet 'purrsonality' to boot. From the moment we saw him, the SO could carry him in his arms, and I could carry him over my shoulder. What a loveable kitty.

My newly-acquainted neighbour and fellow catlover (whom I met through this blog) has nicknamed them Feralboy and Tammyboy respectively, because I've told her that Tammyboy looks just like her female pet cat, Tammy. :)


jennifer_yq said...

good to hear jackie's news again.. she is so cute and smart...

is sugar still visiting ur house?

cat_aunty said...

Good to hear news of Jackie the Classy Lady....are the two cats abandoned? Poor things.

auntie p said...

Jennifer: Sugar still come to his weekend chalet (our home) at times. He sometimes follow me and stick to me, which is my cue to take him upstairs. :)

BTW, I like what you, your sis and dad are doing to sterilise the strays. Good job!

Cat aunty: I suspect Tammyboy was abandon due to his human-friendly nature. The other cat is too feral-looking and skinny, so most likely is a stray.

=^..^= said...

Aunty P, every time I read a post on Jackie, I feel so sad. I'm sorry I couldn't get her adopted out at the last adoption drive. She's such a sweetheart. And there really was a lot of interest in her at the drive. I'm very sorry things didn't work out for dear dear Jackie.

She's not up for the adoption drive tomorrow, is she? I don't remember creating a poster for her.

~5-Cat Style

auntie p said...

5CS: Please don't feel bad about Jackie, as you'd done your best...I sincerely appreciate your efforts. :)

However, certain things are beyond our control, and I'm sure we would rather not have Jackie adopted unless we're absolutely sure she's going to a good, committed home. I suspect Jackie loves her freedom too, and my parents-in-law and I will continue to look out for her.