Monday, August 21, 2006

A true story

I met my neighbour A over the weekend. A is a very dedicated care giver to the community cats and had been sterilising the strays over the years. At the vet, she has over 20 cats registered under her name, so that says a lot about her efforts as a care giver. On the subject of police officers, she related to me an incident which happened many years ago, way before I had moved into the estate.

One day, she heard the frantic meowing coming from somewhere inside a covered drain at the estate, and from the sound of it, it seemed to be a kitten in distress, probably stuck in the deep drain and unable to find a way out. In her determination to help the kitten, a thin and frail-looking woman like A used all her might and somehow managed to lift the heavy metal grill cover that opened up into the drainage system. As the drain was deep and dark, she didn't see the kitten, but kept hearing its frantic meowing.

While in the midst of trying to lure the kitten out with cat food, she was suddenly approached by six policemen - not one, but six of them! Apparently, it was during the post 9-11 period, and someone seemed to have called the police to investigate on her...all because she was trying to rescue a kitten!

After interrogating her and recording down her particulars (and thereby making her very nervous), the six policemen were finally satisfied that A was harmless. After that, A asked the six policemen for help to rescue the kitten, perhaps by jumping into the drain, since being men and being policemen, they were taller and fitter to hurl themselves up and down.

Sadly, all six policemen refused. The reason?

"Inside got snake, ah!" said the policemen.

~ End ~

Protectors in doldrums

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Anonymous said...

i fear for the future of this nation. six policemen came at once to investigate a suspect "bomber"/troublemaker, but no guts whatsoever to confront a snake. i understand if there was only one cop, but all six?

when i was in the UK, a police car load of policemen confronted a person for putting up a "racist" signage in his compound when some kaypoh complained. but call them to confront a madman throwing tiles off a roof. they didn't mind buying him mcdonalds to eat.