Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ignorance is no excuse

During business law 101/102/103 (whatever?) classes, one thing which I'd learnt was that ignorance of the law is no excuse. This means that if there is a law against something, and a person breaks the law, the person cannot claim that he doesn't know that there was such a law and hope to be excused. He will be prosecuted according to provisions of the law...provided he is caught breaking the law.

In this case of cat abuse, I guess the men in uniform may or may not know the law (giving them the benefit of the doubt), but I guess they're not free to enforce the law, and hoped that the SPCA will handle it.

Every now and then, we see concerned citizens writing to the press, asking the government for more laws and regulations against this and that. However, having more laws is not the solution, and it can never be the solution, not as long as the enforcement is weak.

Afternote: As it turned out, there is a 2nd part to the case of the cat abuse and the volunteer's effort to make a police report (together with Dawn of Cat Welfare Society).

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