Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The weekender cat

Sugar "dropped by" last Sunday, just before it rained at noon. Ever since his short stay at our home when he was ill, he's sort of become more attached to us, and at times, would hang out somewhere near our block. Every morning, we see him hanging around the passageway that we take to go to work. We suspect he's parked himself there to guard his territory (which is everywhere) against the newbie cats as well.

Sniffing the scent of Chocolate Boy

More sniffing...

So engrossed that he's even ignored his food (on the floor)

One last look before going for his food

After eating, it's snooze time on the 'divan'

So oblivious to me

Doing what cats are good at...ZZZzzzzz...

Pretty pink paws for a 'manly' cat


cat_aunty said...

Eh auntie P, most of the pix truncated leh, and can't see Sugar's handsome face!!

White cats are so affectionate.

auntie p said...

Cat aunty: really ah? I can see the pictures at the office and home PCs. *scratch head*

Anyone else have the same problem?

Anonymous said...

i can see the pics just fine. :)

Zeus said...

Sugar is just so adorable. Every time you post pictures of him, I want to scoop him up and pet him!

- Marina, Zeus and Isis' owner

KXBC said...

Aiyah. He's not a pernament fixture in your home?

auntie p said...

Marina, Sugar is in fact VERY scoop-able and pet-able. :))

kxbc, no, but Sugar can be our regular weekender. He likes to patrol the territory - must be to protect us residents from intruding cats.

Also, the other 2-legged fans will miss their cat idol if they don't see him downstairs. One couple even calls him "Princess", until I told them Sugar is a boy. Haha!

jennifer_yq said...

does sugar came to find ur in ur flat or u take him up the lift to ur flat?

before sweetie was our home cat, sweetie came to find us 4 times by herself...we always took the lift when we took her for part-time stay..it is quite a surprise when sweetie turned up at our doorstep meowing to be taken in..mum always say sweetie choose us as her owner, not we choose her..ha..

auntie p said...

Jennifer, my MIL's first cat also chose her preferred owner when it was time for her to give birth!

Unlike another cat (died already), Sugar hasn't learn to take the lift all by himself (which is a good thing), so I have to carry him into the lift. When he sees me downstairs and wants attention, he would run towards me and stick close to me like a pet dog, or roll about on the floor.