Thursday, September 14, 2006

Breaking the myth

This morning, I had a discussion with my boss and a colleague in charge of estate matters. Somehow, the conversation turned to a captured stray cat which, apparently, was found in one block of the office building.

I didn't get the whole story but according to my colleague, it seemed that the cat had been loitering in the basement and had lots of fleas, so much so that the fleas "jumped off" and infected some other colleagues, causing them to have rashes.

*Rolled eyes*

Naturally, I was skeptical. I have seen a couple of stray cats at the block where my office is located, and these strays were so shy and wary of people that no amount of cajoling from me or shaking of my cat food bottle could lure them or stop them from running away into hiding. So how could anyone get close enough to them to have fleas jumping off the cats' bodies onto them? As usual, cats get blamed for everything and anything.

Next, I ask what happened to the captured cat. He said it was sent to the SPCA. I told him that means the cat would be killed, period.

He said that he wasn't sure, but he understood that the SPCA would observe and provide necessary medical attention to the cat.

So, you can imagine what happened next. I told both of them (in my slightly agitated tone) that once a cat is sent to the SPCA, it would be killed if no one adopts it within 3 days.

My colleague from estate was a bit startled by that revelation, and asked what about Cat Welfare Society. So I explained that CWS does not have premises where they will keep unwanted cats, but depended on volunteers to foster the cats until they are adopted.

I added that no matter what they might have heard, there is no one place that is like the nirvana of cats, whereby all cats would be collected and be provided with food and shelter.

I guess I had broken the bubble of these 2 gentlemen, whatever grandiose idea they might have held.

Poor cat...


jennifer_yq said...

I met 2 person, each of them said that cats send to SPCA will be SURE adopted by ppl..i told them straight in their face that they will mostly be put to sleep...

it is extremely sad that ppl knew little abt what happened when they sent cats to SPCA or worse AVA...

auntie p said...

I have stopped using the term 'put to sleep'. Just tell it like it is, which is - the cats will be killed.

Most people don't like the idea that they might have played a part in killing a life. Hopefully, they will remember this the next time they see a cat as a nuisance.

Mary said...

Don't blame those who are ignorant of not knowing what happened to the cats once sent to the SPCA. I too have been ignorant of this aspect, i'd once sent a very pregnant cat down with flu to the SPCA thinking they will provide for her as she is pregnant and when i found out about the truth, i have never felt guiltier to this day. To comfort myself, i placed her photo on my book rack and seek her forgiveness as well as sent her lots of my love. She was a lovely white female, i couldn't keep her as i didn't have my own shelter then. i could only feed her and on the day she left for SPCA, I'd bathe her and gently massaged her tummy. She was so tame and gentle; i did her a great injustice.

vegancat said...

Cats get blamed for literally many negative things.
I also don't use the word CULL.
It is KILL, no less.