Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tortie develops affinity for uncle S

Tortie cat which appeared at my block sometime in May this year, has somehow migrated to an area two blocks away. She is being taken care of by the feeder there, and seems to have settled down nicely.

Strangely, she seems to have developed an affinity for uncle S recently, and would recognise him from afar, then run to follow him. We have no idea how this happened, and uncle S hardly interacts with her, except in passing.

We have to pass by Tortie's block whenever we go to work, and uncle S will pass by the same block when he comes home from work.

Tortie does not stick to me the way she does to uncle S, even though I've had more interaction with her previously. ;)

Old photos

Yesterday evening, in trying to avoid Tortie, uncle S decided to run past Tortie's block all the way to our block. As he ran, he didn't see Tortie at her usual space. Just when he'd thought the coast was clear, he had to run right smack into Tortie, who was in fact, waiting at the ball court!

Tortie got a slight shock in seeing a running uncle S, but within seconds, recognised him and decided to stick to him. Ha ha ha!!

Tortie: Uncle S, you're my Singapore Idol... meeooww!

Perhaps Tortie has a special affinity with men. Once, I had seen her meowing and following a men who was talking on his mobile phone while pacing up and down. She must have thought that the man was speaking to her, and decided to follow him around, and have a conversation with him.



kuro.shiro.neko said...

hi, auntie p, can get nice vertical luggage from funan centre, 1st floor (there's a big luggage shop).

nice ones under $200 :)

cat_aunty said...

Haha, cute Tortie! And the way she stands with her 4 paws wide apart like that! Aiyah uncle S, don't be afraid, don't run away lah

san said...

Haha.uncle S- you're the man of the hour :) But I think its quite nice when a cat recognises you. I think there must be some kind of tele communication or she knows you really..really like secret :)

auntie p said...

Yeah, this Tortie cat is cute, eh? She's quite manja and would allow us to carry her sometimes. I had kind of distance myself from her so that she won't be so sticky and would focus on eating when I feed her. Sekali she go and "stick" to uncle s!

Thanks, ksn. Will check it out.
We also found a couple of nice ones at OG which is having 20% discount.

vegancat said...

This shows that animals like cats are individual personalities. They are not some inanimate "nuisance" that some people never give a feeling to when they call up the pest control. A problem we human beings have is a selfishness that prevents us from seeing beyond our own needs.

KXBC said...

He has a "secret" admirer. :)