Monday, October 30, 2006

Feline capers

Newbie on the block

A newbie cat has been spotted in the neighbourhood for the past few days. I first discovered this newbie when I spotted Notti-Boy trying to chase the newbie boy away.

Notti-Boy was also a newbie cat that came to the neighbourhood a few months ago. A very loud and whiney cat, he is quite picky about his food and usually reject the dry food that I sometimes give him. He remains untouchable till today and therefore is still spotting his "ding-dongs".

I am Notti-Boy, and you still can't catch me! Neh nehny neh neh!!

I first encountered Newbie Boy on Saturday night, on my usual round to feed Timmy (aka Coco). To my surprise, Newbie Boy, although very greedy, is friendly to humans, and has also chosen to stick to Timmy, to her chagrin and annoyance....heheh! Newbie Boy is smart to stick to Timmy because regular meals do come her way. Sadly, I suspect Newbie-Boy to be another abandonee...and not yet neutered.

For some unknown reason, poor Timmy seems to be a magnet for these newly-arrived cats, who are usually males (which makes sense since males tend to roam). Timmy can't stand these noisy boy cats that quarrels and which stick to her like glue, and would sometimes be so unsettled that she refused to eat. When it gets too much for her, the dimunitive Timmy would give these newbie boys a smack with her paw.


Thank goodness she's spayed already!

Timmy: Haiz...boys will be boys! *roll eyes*

Last night, the tables were turned. It was Newbie boy who turned on and tried to chase Notti-Boy away. I guess Notti-Boy didn't do a good job of protecting his territory and ex-gal (the unwilling Timmy) ;) .

Sugar, the Fatboy?

Newbie-Boy had better not cross path with Sugar, or else fur will surely fly! Sugar, although getting fat now, is still capable of chasing foreign cats up the trees.

Sugar was at my home yesterday, and ate so much of the Royal Canine which I'd bought for Jon-Jon to improve his skin condition. The SO and I were thinking of calling Sugar Fei-Bai instead of Xiao Bai (meaning Fat White instead of Small White in Mandarin).

(Archive photo) Jon-Jon: Sugar ain't heavy lah, he's my god-brother!

Fatty Blackie

All along, we'd all thought that Fatty Blackie (who looks pregnant and was spayed) is fat. It turns out that all that "fat" around her tummy is actually one big tumour. :-(

Ms A (my kind neighbour) has took her to the vet and is feeding her medication, which seems to have helped in reducing the tumour somewhat. I can only hope and pray that the tumour is not cancerous and that she's not in any pain, and that she gets better with the medication.


cat_aunty said...

Aiyoh....poor Blackie. Hope it is nothing serious.....but the vet said it is a "tumour"?

cat_aunty said...

Jonjon is also quite rotund huh. Timmy looks sleek though. Maybe the other toms look up to her as a mother figure? And NottiBoy does look cheeky

auntie p said...

Cat aunty: the vet initially gave a bad prognosis, probably thought it was cancer and that Blackie won't live long (but actually Blackie has always been like this).

These photos were taken around July. Jon-Jon is at a nice size now, a bit slimmer than the photo.

Timmy is quite small and very light-weight. She used to be a bit thin. I think she didn't enjoy the cooked fish with rice (from one feeder) as much as dry food. She's nicely plump now for the forthcoming rainy season (when cats tend to hide away).