Saturday, October 28, 2006

Experiment Part II : Testing catnip sensitivity with live subjects

Since the last cat experiment failed to produce any discernible result of sensitivity to catnip, I tried again with different live subjects. *grin*

What I did was plucked a couple of fresh catnip leaves and tore them up slightly to release the scent. I left the catnip leaves for each cat to have a sniff, BEFORE showing them any cat food, so that they could concentrate on the catnip and not be distracted by the food. I gave them cat food only after I've done the catnip test.

Here's the result:

1st subject: Gal-Gal

See the catnip beside her - totally untouched leh...
Result : More interested in the cat food than catnip *auntie p scratches head*

2nd subject: Timmy aka Coco

Result : No interest in the catnip too !?!?

3rd subject: Jon-Jon

Result : Jon-Jon was more interested in the bag I was carrying than the catnip. Anyway, he has always been curious about my handbags (which reminds me of the purple Teletubby - Tinky Winky? )

Why, why, why??

(Sorry, no photo to show evidence because camera battery conked out!)

What is it with the community cats at my area? They all don't seem to be interested in catnip? Or is catnip a luxury meant for the housecats, and which community cats, being more concerned with bread-and-butter issues such as when the next meal is coming, simply have no time for?

Haiz... So till today, I have yet to see a cat happily engaged with catnip.



san said...

Yes aunty_p. Community cats have more serious issues like food :) Catnip seems like a very frivolous pre-occupation. It seems that catnip affects foreign cats more and of course housecats whose food is brought to them on a platter, silver or otherwise..hahaha

cat_aunty said...

Whah Aunty P, your dedicated quest for scientific breakthrough is indeed commendable.

I agree with San re the foreign cats being more sensitive to catnip. Maybe our DSH lacks that specific gene. Or maybe they have something more interesting to do. Still. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

maybe, just maybe our community cats are more discerning. probably they'd say, "i've been lying around on grass all day long, and you are trying to tempt me with a LEAF?! what can i do with a leaf??"

or i agree with you all, it's got to do with the gene. or maybe like most singaporeans, they know the dangers of drug addiction.

KXBC said...

Notice the leaves are not crushed to release the scent. Maybe you should just tear up the leaves first before you re-experiment again?

auntie p said...

Anonymous: Haha...that's funny. all have very interesting perspectives. When the weather gets more sunny with no haze (so that the catnip can grow more healthily), I'll try to harvest some fresh leaves and dry them to see if dried catnip works better.

Waa...which means have to wait until next year.

cat_aunty said...

Dear auntie P, it is ok. We can wait. Hur hur.