Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kitten for adoption or fostering

SMS from SL: Look at what I found at the bottom of my block? A cross siamese kitten. About to face off with Sugar though the kitten seems fiercer.

My neighbour, SL (whom I met through this blog) sent me the above message and the photo this morning. Even as I was looking at it, uncle S (who is on medical leave) called me to say that he found a white kitten and asked me where I'd kept the kitten wet food at home. According to uncle S, the kitten seems quite tame and kept following him around, although it's not quite familiar with dry food yet.

As we will be travelling on vacation soon, both SL and I are unable to foster the kitten, so I wonder if anyone can help to foster him for a few weeks and/or try to rehome it?

ps: other than the blue eyes, we're quite surprised that this kitten bears an uncanny resemblance to you-know-who... (see earlier posts)


vegancat said...

Wow..Sanju has certainly grown! He looks like a big head tom!

auntie p said...

Eh...wrong post leh, ah chek (aka uncle).

I know you're very excited at seeing your special baby Sanju lah. ;)