Thursday, October 19, 2006

Re: Siamese cross kitten for adoption or fostering

As I reached home last night, I managed to catch a glimpse of the Siamese x kitten downstairs and held him for a little while before he was taken away by three kids who wanted to adopt him. This is a fantastically sweet kitten who can be carried any which way, doesn't scratch, and merely gave me the gentlest of bites during play.

The three siblings were in the midst of taking the kitty home, after having gotten permission from their mum. I recognised the eldest boy, as I'd seen him giving the 'Whiska foil pack' cat food for Sugar and Jon Jon once, and I'd given him a couple of plastic bags to lay the food out. He and his siblings are really fond of cats, although I doubt they know anything about taking care of a cat. I just hope that their mother knows what's in store when she agreed to let them keep the kitty at home.

*keep fingers and paws crossed*

On another note, I've just received some interesting update about Sanju and his pal Arrow. Will post it up once I get the photos sorted out. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my eyebrows crossed too auntie p :D regardless, bless those children.

auntie p said...

Anonymous, thanks for dropping by.

Are you the anonymous who is a cat and animal lover? And has a cat called Lucy?