Monday, November 27, 2006

Cat that lives in a small pet shop

Yesterday, we finally got to see Jackie (aka Thin Tail), after a long absence. This is not the Jackie which I'd fostered and which currently lives at MIL's block, but a silver / light grey tabby male cat. Let's call him Jackie-O since he's the 'original' Jackie.

Jackie-O used to live around Ms A's (my neighbour) block, but used to get into fights with that territorial Sugar, and relegated to living around the fringes of his territory. Then one day, for some reason, Ms A put Jackie-O up in a small pet shop for a few days, and somehow, the few days stretched into months, so now Jackie-O is living at the pet shop which also does grooming for dogs, with the kind sponsorship of Ms A.

Seeing him yesterday, I was very very pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful Jackie-O has become, especially with his gorgeous green eyes (too bad I didn't have my camera with me). He also looks much more relaxed and confident. Not only is he not flustered by the presence of the dogs that were sent to the shop for grooming, he has become more tolerant about being carried.

With his lovely coat and good manners, no one would have ever thought that he was once a community cat. The shop people said Jackie-O is easy to care for, and seem to enjoy his presence too. I'm so happy for Jackie-O. :)

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