Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Community cat update


Yoda's potential adoption did not go through. According to Ms A, the potential adopter finally decided against it. As he's quite young and already has a cat, perhaps it's best for him not to take on too much. So Yoda the Siamese-cross kitty remains a community cat.

Yoda, for adoption: "Will you please take me home?"


Sadly, since I came back from vacation, I haven't seen Fatty Blackie (FB), the cat which has tumour(s).

Last week, Ms A mentioned that FB didn't look too good lately. I've been to FB's usual hideout several times, but all I see is FB's regular pal (another blackie gal) all alone, with no sign of FB. This does not look good.

Except for Fatty Blackie, all the regulars in the vicinity have been accounted for.

However, Newbie Boy who was not a regular (and suspected abandonee) seemed to have gone away.

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cat_aunty said...

It is OK Yoda, be patient, your human is out there somewhere!!!