Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do cats get sore throats and lose their voice?

This morning, we finally saw Shiny, after an unusually long absence of 2-3 weeks. She was waiting outside the feeder's house and called us when we approached. And she had recovered from her sore throat and got her loud voice back again!

It's strange but Shiny is the first cat that I've come across having the husky, sore-throat voice. The second was Jumbala who also had this sore-throat voice when we saw her a couple of weeks' ago.

Do cats get sore throats and lose their voice temporarily? I wonder.


san said...

I don't think they would lose they voice. If that is so Toro Tunabelly would have lost his already..hahaha. he is a very persistent cat when it comes to persuading me to play. His voice is kind of sweet but when he plays with the shadows, it becomes husky and growly.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

my mika came to me as a little kitten, and her voice was very hoarse and weak. thought she was abused and rescued.

lo and behold, when i put her in the bathroom for "pum pum", she suddenly meowed on top of her bright clear voice!

so i guess i am inclined to think cats can have sore throat.

also, sometimes when my cats growled for too long (cos of newcomers), their voices do "crack" for a few days.

cat_aunty said...

Spencer lost her voice once after her teeth scaling. She sounded like an " ah kua" ( sorry, not very PC here...) The vet said it was due to the airway tube

Kiki suffered from sore throat, twice. he lost his voice completely, and almost lost his life, the infections being so bad. The owner had to quarrantine him for months

auntie p said... cats can have throat infections and sore throats too.

vegancat said...

When my first cat, Chinky, was very young, he suddenly lost his voice. He was still able to eat so I wasn't worried that I had to bring him to see a vet. He would open his mouth to meow but nothing issued forth. Sometime later his voice returned. I suspected it could be due to consumption of the leaves of some indoor plants that have since been moved outdoor.
Loss of voice means that the vocal cords are inflammed or swollen, resulting in hoarseness. Worrisome sign will be due to difficult in breathing.