Monday, December 25, 2006

My Christmas present

I don't celebrate X'mas, not since I left my ex-company where many colleagues loved to give each other gifts, which meant that I had to give them gifts in return. That meant having to spend about two to three hundred dollars every year just on the gifts for colleagues, not to mention the amount of time spent on shopping and gift-wrapping. I am quite glad that those days are over. : p

Yesterday, however, I think I'd receive an unexpected X'mas present, and that is having to pay only $7.10 for the following cat stuff at the pet store:

Cat not included in the purchase

I bought Light pet food for Sugar, who has gained weight (winter season weight gain?), a pair of nail clipper for pets, Nova Canker ear drops for MIL's cats and 5 cans of NB Venison & Pea Formula for Jon Jon to try. The red X'mas ribbon was a free gift from the shop.

Sugar: Really? Only $7.10? In Sing dollars??

Well, at the pet store (where the staff were helpful and friendly), I suddenly realised that they give 15% discount during members' birthday month, and I also suddenly realised that I could use the $50 cash vouchers (f.o.c. from the credit card company) at the pet store, so it was a pleasant surprise, twice over! It was a good feeling to get such a once-in-a-blue-moon deal...kekeke~!

By that time, it was raining quite heavily, so I pack some food home for dinner, so that we won't have to go out to eat. I went to buy take-away dumpling and fried rice from the shop nearby.

Micro-waveable / steam-able & waterproof box packaging...a wonderful contraption!

Even though I was buying take-away, the receptionist was kind and allowed me to sit down at one of their tables which had cutlery all neatly laid out for dine-in customers. Yet another service staff came to offer me a nice cup of hot Chinese tea, even though I pay no service charge for take-away. Their kind gestures were very much appreciated, as I had spent over an hour standing at the pet shop to scrutinise the cat food ingredients and was by then, feeling tired and very thirsty (side point: I noted that both staff were Chinese nationals who were welcoming and spoke well).

All in all, I had a very lovely and happy day, which ended with good food and good fun with Sugar, i.e. making him wear the red X'mas collar for a few photos, much to his consternation, but to my utmost amusement.



Cat said...

Now I know why you are happy :-)

Sugar looks handsome in the red ribbon collar.

I was given the ribbon too a couple of weeks back & I used it for a Xmas present to a colleague (I ran out of ribbons ... :-p)

cat_aunty said...

Looking VERY handsome, Sugar!!

Merry Xmas, Auntie P!

Sometimes it is the little things that made our days.

KXBC said...
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KXBC said...

None of my cats even bothered about the red collar so it is lying on the floor somewhere.

Which credit card give discounts at Pet Lovers?

Sugar looks so handsome posing by the food.

auntie p said...

kxbc: It's the Pet Lovers members' card that gave 5% discount, but they give 15% during one's birthday month.

Actually, I prefer to buy from Aquapet at Thomson Plaza bec prices are lower, although they have a smaller range. For home delivery of basic cat food in bulk, I call Pet City for convenience (service is friendly and they feed stray cats too).

If you talk to the staff at Pet Lovers, you'll find most of them have more than one dog or cat. :)

KXBC said...

auntie p: When I was reading your post, I was thinking if you had bought the supplies at Thomson Plaza and then da-bao from the Peach Garden. So I am right eh? I live near that place too. :)

Aquapet is cheaper but their range is not as good. But they do free delivery for purchases above $50. I always get them to have the Cat's Pride litter delivered.

About the $50 discount voucher, what I meant was which credit card give those vouchers? I assume you earn it via your loyalty points or so.

auntie p said...

Oops, sorry kxbc! It's Maybank's e-card, totally foc, and I'd exchanged the points for Maybank vouchers which can be used/exchanged for the malls' in-house vouchers, e.g. at Capitaland malls, Robinsons, Tangs, etc. or use the points to watch movies (with no restriction on weekends or PH). The Hotline service is good too, so I prefer to use this card.

I think most pet shops do delivery for purchases of $50 and above. I was at J8 actually...heheh. The the dao bao was from Ding Tai Fung...Peach Garden is too high class leh. Waa..we live near to each other...perhaps I can invite myself to your home one day to see you and your cats (very thick-skinned, I know). :)

KXBC said...

Ahh, we live in the same GRC though different parts of the town.

Yep, you can invite yourself over. But you need to carry a photo of Sugar as a form of identification. :)