Sunday, January 28, 2007

After the ordeal

On the night after their sterilisation:

As they were wobbling to nowhere, I put them on the cat rug.

Coco was in her "faithful servant" pose, with eyes half-closed, and would have stayed that way if I hadn't put her in the cage.

"Hello, are you my foster mummy?"

Coco in a daze and spotting her ear-tip.

The gals finally settled down and conked out.

Snowy looking more awake the next day, but I guess she was still in pain, as she later hid under the chest of drawers.

Snowy's favourite sleeping place.

Meditating or was that a painful expression?

Snowy looking better on the 2nd evening. Coco, the spunky gal was 75% back to her normal self.

The cat sisters are much better today and ate quite a bit of the canned ocean fish this morning (they weren't interested in the home-steamed chicked). They've been peeing but have yet to poo.

The swell on their wounds have gone down substantially, and the pinkish bruise has faded too. All I can see now is a bit of folded skin like a dimple on their shaved tummies. The vet has done a good job. ;-)


san said...

Yup the vet has done a good job. They are both looking better. When Ms Akira was spayed, there was some complication with her being in heat (I didn't know she was on heat again as I took her to the vet some days after her 2nd one) He had to bandage her whole abdomen so she won't feel the pain after her painkillers wore off.

Mary said...

They will still be in pain; give them sometime to recover. Don't move them too much.

auntie p said...

After 2 days of subdued behaviour, the cat sisters are back to their usual selves and are already jumping and climbing about the house.

Last night, Snowy came to snuggle with us in our bed for a while, but jumped off when we shifted our poses. :)

Anonymous said...

great to know they are better! when my cats were sterilised, Tammy tried to keep up with Nemo after the first day of inactivity, but kept having to lie on her side to rest! i was amazed by the speed at which they recovered though. in a week's time, u wldn't even know they have undergone major surgery, aside from their shaved bellies, of course!


kuro.shiro.neko said...

dont worry auntie p! they will be up to mischief in no time.

gals are usually harder hit than males as their op is more major.

KXBC said...

I like Coco. Her face shows character, and lots of spunk.

auntie p said...

I agree there are more facets to Coco's character, and bec of that, she is also more mischievious.

She loves to nap in the evening after dinner, and that's when I will go disturb her with the nail clipper - her resistance will be weak then. Heheheh!